Pakistan is drowning. Melting glaciers, monsoon rain and river banks bursting are a result of the devastating climate change. Flash floods and landslides are causing more than a third of Pakistan to be completely submerged with the most affected regions being Sindh, Balochistan and KPK. Millions of people are homeless. Thousands have been injured and just as many have died. Houses and crops are destroyed and livestock have been lost. The impact of this catastrophe has affected their lives in every way possible.

Jigsaw have been monitoring the situation daily by working with their partners who are on the ground, thus allowing them to understand the most urgent needs and creating a strategy based on highly impactful ways to support. Jigsaw will initially provide emergency aid to the people who have been displaced in the worst hit areas with the long term aim to build rehabilitation houses.

As always, Jigsaw are extremely diligent with ensuring funds are properly used by transferring donations directly to their partners located in the country that is being supported. They will also deploy a team of volunteers on the ground to oversee these crucial and lifesaving projects. Of course none of this would be possible without the generous donations, monetary and time. You can also help! Be a piece of the jigsaw by donating and raising awareness of this campaign. Follow the team on Instagram to keep up to date on how the donations are helping the people of Pakistan.