Every Jigsaw Team Member is a Volunteer

"We admire the paid charity sector, but all of us here at Jigsaw are able to work for free, with no financial return, only good deeds. Insha'Allah.

Ifty - Trustee

Core Values


We earn your trust through effective delivery of projects and thorough, transparent reporting. We’re a volunteer-run organisation and therefore there are no financial gains to be made. We have an open book policy where we are happy to share all reports and information for anyone to review.


Every volunteer dedicates time and effort to develop projects to help alleviate the hardships of others. The underlying drive to volunteer is due to the care and compassion felt for those less fortunate. The care and compassion translates to kindness, empathy, respect and dignity towards all those we serve.


We are motivated to volunteer and work with sincerity to Allah and to those we seek to serve ensuring that all of our projects are delivered to a standard of excellence that we would accept for ourselves. Also to ensure that everything we do is hallmarked with sincerity and excellence

About Us

"Jigsaw is entirely run by a dedicated team of professional volunteers"

Jigsaw is an independent non-profit organisation founded by a team of professionals and activists seeking to make a positive impact and contribution to the lives of those less fortunate.

The trustees, management team and network of core volunteers bring a wealth of experience having worked voluntarily in the sector for almost a decade and raised millions of pounds for a variety of great causes. Jigsaw is completely volunteer-managed and run, which means we have no paid staff whatsoever! We want to show the world that we can create a meaningful impact on the poor and destitute from a place of compassion and care, as volunteers. We seek to create a better world, piece by piece, where each and every volunteer, donor, advocate and supporter works hand in hand to complete the jigsaw and create significant and positive change.


Our Vision

To become a beacon of light and hope, inspiring others around the world to come together, as volunteers, to create a better world, piece by piece.


Mission Statement

To work together, as volunteers, to deliver life-saving and life-changing solutions to those who are facing struggle and hardship as result of war, poverty, disease and disaster.

We served more then 80k+ people

Helpgrove is a nonprofit organization supported by community leaders, corporate sponsors, churches and concerned citizens join. There will be a day–in our lifetime–when we get to celebrate.

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