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Although Jigsaw is entirely volunteer run, we still endeavour to reply to your query within 60 minutes, however sometimes it may take up to 24 hours.

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UK: 0121 751 9987
Int: (+44) 121 751 9987

Our lines are open pretty much all day, as we're all volunteers, so we don't clock out! Give us a call to donate or volunteer.

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Jigsaw HQ, Dallas House Bordesley Green Road Birmingham, West Midlands
B9 4TR, England, UK

Our offices were donated for free so we pay no rent!

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Hopefully the vision is clear, an organisation operated entirely by hope, faith and compassion. All staff at Jigsaw may work for free, but we certainly don’t lack any passion or skillsets. We’re always seeking likeminded individuals who wish to work solely for the reward on the Last Day.

Not only do we appreciate our army of volunteers, but we are all ears to any suggestions or freebies which you can send our way! After all, it’s for a great cause, and ensures that every penny of donations goes to where it’s most needed.

Thank you to the volunteers who have donated huge office space for free, website design and hosting, covering our bills and assisting with buying equipment and furniture. Send us an email or give us a call to see how you can become a piece of the Jigsaw.

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