Pakistan Flood Appeal 2022

Pakistan is drowning. Melting glaciers, monsoon rain and river banks bursting are a result of the devastating climate change. Flash floods and landslides are causing more than a third of Pakistan to be completely submerged with the most affected regions being Sindh, Balochistan and KPK. […]


Charity Dinner & Auction

Going once, going twice, sold! For most people 27th March is a special date marking Mother’s Day, however, this year it held a significance of its own for Jigsaw as they hosted an evening of inspiration at the Birmingham Hotel. This began with Mikhaael Mala […]


2021 Achievements

Whilst the world was continuing to deal with the aftermath of Covid in 2021, Jigsaw persisted to stay true to their mission to work together towards delivering life-saving solutions to those who are facing hardship as a result of war, poverty, disease and disaster. This […]

How Water Filtration Works

“We are thankful to Jigsaw that we now have clean drinking water” ― Ahmed, Islamabad Jigsaw is continuing to provide clean water filtration plants across Pakistan. Our filtration plants work by using reverse osmosis to filter impurities, harmful bacteria and viruses. The plants are only […]

Country in Focus: Lebanon

The situation in Lebanon is deteriorating… Recovering from the explosion On August 4th 2020, reportedly a large amount of ammonium nitrate exploded causing over $15bn in structural damage and leaving around 300,000 people homeless. This was already in a country impacted heavily by the Covid-19 […]