Sewing Machines


£50 Provides 1 Sewing Machine

£100 Provides 2 Sewing Machines

£500 Provides 10 Sewing Machines

Each machine brings up to £100 per month income
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Providing Sewing Machines

Help us to empower vulnerable women in Sindh by providing them with a sustainable source of income.

For just £50, you can provide a sewing machine which will help to being in a much-needed source of income for a family of around £80-£100 per month.

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£50 Provides 1 Sewing Machine, £100 Provides 2 Sewing Machines, £200 Provides 4 Sewing Machines, £500 Provides 10 Sewing Machines, £1000 Provides 20 Sewing Machines