Honey Farms


£138 Provides 2 Beehives

£275 Provides 4 Beehives

£550 Provides 8 Beehives

Training, equipment and clothing provided to support a family
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Honey Bee Farming

Help us to transform lives and to lift vulnerable and needy families out of poverty in Bagh, AJK.

For just £275, you can help to provide a struggling person to make a living by providing a hive, bees, equipment, and ongoing training to help them start a small and sustainable business producing and selling honey, and ultimately, enabling them to support their families for years to come.

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£68 Provides 1 Beehive, £138 Provides 2 Beehives, £275 Provides 4 Beehives, £550 Provides 8 Beehives, £1100 Provides 16 Beehives