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Jigsaw is run entirely by volunteers with no paid staff. Join our substantial team and add to our diverse skillset.


Heavy on the Scales

Each member of our team is a piece of the Jigsaw working solely for the reward on the Last Day.

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Every Jigsaw member works for free, but we deduct 5% of your donation to cover marketing and operational costs.

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Team Jigsaw!

Team Member Quotes

"I became a Jigsaw piece because I felt the sector could benefit from a charity where wages were not the primary concern"

Ayaz - Head of Governance

Team Member Quotes

"I volunteer my time to ensure the finances are accurately reported to our board. My day job is working for the UK Civil Service"

Zubair - Head of Finance

Team Member Quotes

"I love to help out with Jigsaw on every occasion, from helping to set up events, to registering volunteers for fundraisers"

Abid - Events Support

Team Member Quotes

"I previously worked with the team in a professional capacity but now I volunteer my graphic design skills for free as it's a great cause"

Jade - Head of Design

Donate to Country


Project: Yemen

Yemen urgently requires assistance across every humanitarian field in the country.


Project: Syria

The ongoing Syrian crisis has left economical and physical casualties across the Middle East


Project: Pakistan

Help us to provide clean drinking water across Pakistan and offer livelihood assistance


Project: Palestine

Supporting projects across Gaza and the West Bank for Palestinians living under constant occupation